Working as a freelance writer has many benefits for me and the type of life I want to live. I recently saw the advantage of one of those benefits. I lost a big client of mine last month. It was a big hit to me, both psychologically and in income. I had been working hard to grow my income and things were looking really promising for what my total income would be at year’s end.

Then the client tells me that my services are no longer needed, effective immediately. Since that time, I’ve been scrambling to get additional writing assignments to make up the lost income. I’ve had some success with assignments from three magazines that my work hasn’t appeared in before. It helps, but it looks like I will need to use the rest of this year to get back to where I was last month.

The business loss also served to remind me that I can’t afford to grow complacent, which is what I had done with that client. The work didn’t pay a lot, but there was so much of it that each month my income from the client added up to a lot. I didn’t particularly like the work, but it was easy, though it seemed to consume more and more of my day. Without realizing it, I was doing less of the writing I liked and more the writing I didn’t like.

When I lost the business, I felt like a great burden had been lifted off me. That didn’t make sense to me at first until I figured things out. So now I’m refocused and ready to step outside my safety zone and grow my business again.