I find myself looking forward to 2011. This year marks the beginning of the sesquicentennial remembrances of the Civil War. States have put together a lot of plans that will be unfolding over the next four years to remember their roles in the war and the battles fought in their states.

For a writer who enjoys writing about history, it looks like it will be a boon for my business. I’ve already picked up two article series that will span at least a year and a number of stand-alone articles that I will be writing about the Civil War. I will have one, maybe two, Civil War-theme non-fiction books published in the next four years. Plus, there editors still considering other Civil War ideas I submitted.

One thing is for sure: I will know a lot more about the Civil War by 2015 than I do now. I mean I know the overview of the war and some of the stories that I’ve written about in the past. I’ll be digging a lot deeper now, though. I’ll be writing about the soldiers who fought and the people who stayed behind. I’ll give familiar battles new perspectives and find out more about little-known skirmishes and battles. I’ll even look at modern-day ties to the war.

It’s one of the reasons I like my work. I never stop learning.

Since I live in Gettysburg, I imagine I’ll also get an interesting perspective on life during the Civil War. There will be more re-enactors than usual in town in the summer, particularly in 2013 when the Battle of Gettysburg is re-enacted on the 150th anniversary of the battle.  Living history is always interesting for a history writer to see.