I used to think that the ideal job would be if your work and your hobby were one and the same. I’ve found some drawbacks with that, though. One is that you can’t clear your mind from work by doing your hobby. It is also somewhat draining of mental resources.

Here’s an example. I spend my day writing. Some articles I write because I love the topic and some I write because I love the paycheck. However, when it comes down to working on my book projects, I find that I just need to give my mind a rest so either I wind up not working on my book or I don’t give it my all. Then I feel frustrated.

On the flip side, writing for a living and as a hobby has been rewarding. I get to explore new topics as articles that may or may not be made into books. I’m developing contacts that will help me sell my books. I’m improving my name recognition by doing articles that are in the same field as my books.

Most of all, I am truly doing something that I love.