I’m a big fan of Harlan Coben’s. I like his stories and his writing style. His latest effort is Caught, which is a stand-alone thriller. At first, you’ll wonder how the different storylines connect, but when they connect, you won’t be disappointed.

A mother wakes up one morning to find that her daughter, who she has never had trouble from, is missing. A TV reporter who has made a career of entrapping sexual predators and shaming them on national television finds herself wondering about the guilt of her latest target.

As with most of Coben’s books, he never takes the apparent choice in his books. In Caught, just when you think you see where the stories are going, something gets thrown in the mix that changes your views.

What could have been a book about sexual predators turns into something much more—an examination of the cost of holding grudges and modern parenting.

Tell No One is still my favorite Coben book, but Caught ranks up near the top.