When I worked for a newspaper, my days were semi-defined. When I was at the office, I worked. When I was home, my time was my own. Now, that I’ve been freelancing for almost two years, I realize that definition is gone because my home is my office. That’s got pros and cons.

The biggest advantage is that I can structrue my day I as need to. If I need to go to the doctor in the middle of the day, I can do that. On the flip side, I find myself working earlier and later than I used to. Of course, I take breaks during the day to do other things like cook dinner, but mentally, it feels like I’m always working.

I’m definitely working more than I did. I did an experiment last month and kept track of my time that I actually spent working. This did not include breaks of any type, including using the bathroom. I found I was working about 45 hours a week. Add in the breaks and downtime that employees get paid for and that 45 hours probably equates to 55 hours or more a week.

It was definitely discouraging to see how my work I’m doing compared to what I’m making. However, I’m going to use it as an incentive to try and find better-paying jobs.