I got a pleasant surprise the other day. I had ordered a subscription for a magazine that I’ve had articles in, but it is a magazine that I have trouble finding around my house. The first issue arrived in the mail and I sat down to flip through it. To my surprise, one of my articles was in the magazine! I had known that the magazine had accepted it for publication, but I didn’t know when it was going to run.

The article is about the history of matches in America. It was an expansion on a story I did for Frederick Magazine about America’s first matchmaker. This article is in the September 2010 issue of History Magazine.

Also check out the July/August 2010 issue of Maryland Life Magazine. I have two articles in that issue. One is about western Maryland’s ghost towns. I bet you didn’t know Maryland had ghost towns, did you? The other story is about the OSS training camp that trained spies during WWII. It is located on the same mountain where Camp David is located in Thurmont, Maryland.