I like David Baldacci’s books, but Deliver Us From Evil read like one of those books you feel like you’ve read again or even seen at the movies.

Deliver Us From Evil is a sequel to The Whole Truth. It continues to follow the mysterious agent, Shaw, as he tracks Evan Waller, a Canadian businessman who sells children into prostitution and is planning on selling terrorists nuclear materials.

Reggie Campion is a British agent who works with a secret group that tracks down and executes war criminals. As the number of WWII criminals begins to diminish, the group begins expanding its scope to other criminals. Waller was once a Soviet officer known for his sadism and brutality.

With both Shaw and Campion hunting Waller, their paths begin crossing. They find themselves attracted to each other even as they try and hold each other at arm’s length in order to complete their mission. When their missions fall apart, the two assassins must team up in order to survive.

I didn’t find the characters as interesting as his repeating characters in The Camel Club or his male/female detective pairing of Sean King and Michelle Maxwell in books like Split Second and Hour Game. Still, Baldacci’s writing was exciting and the story moved along swiftly. The problem was that the plot didn’t seem all that exciting. I didn’t think that it even had a lot of interesting twists that could breathe life into a stock plot. I might have thought this was a good book from another writer, but I expect more from Baldacci.