Crimson Joy was my first Robert B. Parker novel and I liked it. However, I liked it more because of Parker’s writing and his Spenser character than because of the story.

In Crimson Joy, Spenser has been asked to held his friend, a police lieutenant, investigate a serial killer case in an unofficial capacity. The lieutenant is worried that the killer may be a cop and so he wants Spenser’s outside view of the case. The killer is murdering middle-aged black women and leaving a rose with their bodies. One man has admitted being the murderer. The higher-up in the police department are willing to close the case because it is politically charged, but the lieutenant thinks the man was only a copy cat murderer who killed his wife.

The was Parker’s 15th Spenser novel so many of the relationships between the characters are established and have grown over the course of the books. Spenser’s friend and partner is Hawk. He’s a bit stereotypical, but I still liked him anyway. Other than Spenser, I didn’t find any of the other characters particularly interesting.

Spenser is a Renaissance man, he can cook, quote poetry and box. He is a charming character that you can’t help but like. And I did like him. For that reason, more than any other, I’ll read another Spenser novel. I want to see if the stories are worthy of Spenser and Hawk.