Biking in Stowe. I'm the one bringing up the rear.

Rapelling near Jeffersonville.

Sometimes farmers have to allow a field to lie fallow in order to continue to using the land. They plant the same crop year after year in the field, and it sucks the nutrients from the ground giving them a lower yield year after year. At that point, they have to do nothing with the field for a yield to allow it to regain its nutrients.

That’s how I look at vacation for me. I need that time away from writing even though it’s something I enjoy. As I continue not to work on a book or article throughout the week, I find a desire to get back to writing building up. Once I’m back from vacation, I’m ready to go with fresh ideas and lots of energy for the project.

Smuggler’s Notch was fun and beautiful. I resisted the urge all week to write, which is hard since I’m an early riser and the rest of family isn’t. I usually have a few hours to kill before they rouse themselves and we go do anything. It’s a prime time to write, but I didn’t do it.

Now I’m home, recharged and ready to go! It’s time to seed the fields again.