I finished my last book project a couple weeks ago and sent it off to an agent who seemed excited to read it. By this point, I’m usually onto my next project. I find I’m dithering between four potential ideas. I think I’ve chosen one and then I find myself lured away by one of the other projects. The result is that I’m not getting much done on any of them.

Here’s my choices…

1. A nonfiction book about a topic I’m really interested in, but I haven’t sold my other nonfiction book yet. It would have a potentially huge market, which could help make it successful.

2. A young-adult fantasy/horror novel. Not quite as interested in this as the other books, but an editor at Pennwriters said editors are looking for YA fantasy with a strong male lead so this could be relatively easy to place. It really is a fun idea, too.

3. A nonfiction book based on a couple of articles I wrote. It would be a great Christmas story, but it is also a great feel-good book. I’m having trouble finding enough source material for it, though. I toyed with the idea of making it into a novel, but that just didn’t feel right to me.

4. A historical novel set in the 1920’s. It would appeal to my existing fan base that keeps asking when I’m going to do another novel, plus I think would attract people who are interested in coal mining history. However, the outline is still not coming together for me.

So looking at my choices…drum roll, please…I’m going to go with no. 4. I know the market is already there for this book. It will also give me time to find more material for no. 3. I can also work on polishing the outline for no. 2.

At least I know the title for this project, which I really like. It will be called “In Coal Blood.”

Now I’ve got to start writing it. It’s been some time since I wrote fiction. I definitely feel rusty. We’ll have to see how it goes.