I used to love June. Warm weather. Sunny days. Grilling on the barbecue.

Now it’s a crazy time for me. The boys are out of school and looking for things to do during the day, which means I get less work time. The festivals I like to attend to where I can sell my books start up. Plus, I have to plan for vacations, meaning I have to find time to do the work I would have done during vacation at other times. You’ve got no one to slough it off on when you’re self-employed. Add in this summer, I’m also teaching classes at the community college.

I’ve got to do more work in less time so I don’t get to enjoy those sunny days as much.

On the bright side. I do get to spend more time with the boys and we do some fun stuff. This summer we’re going the Smuggler’s Notch, walking with the dinosaurs and whitewater rafting. Plus, I’ll take a day here and there for trips to DC for sightseeing, Pine Grove Furnace to swim in the lake, riding go-karts and riding horses.

It’s just lucky the days are longer because I need more time to do everything I need to do.