This is not to far off how my desk looks somedays.

I’ve been working on a book for a couple years now. It will be my first book-length non-fiction work. I thought it was ready and I pitched it to an agent at the Pennwriters Conference. She liked it and asked to see it (Yay!)

So I came home from the conference to get it ready and find I’m second guessing myself. Are there gaps in the narrative I need to fill in? Does the back of the book need more work? Is it too short?

The one thing I knew I needed to finish up was the references. I have to make them consistent and the right style. One of the things I found myself doing was leaving the roughest of references in the endnotes, and in some cases, leaving the endnote blank! What was I thinking! Now I’ve got to try an track down a reference that I may not have seen in months! I also find myself wondering if I have enough references, enough endnotes and enough primary sources.

While this is not new to me, it’s new to me for a project this large. Plus, I really like the project still and want to see it published.