I attended the Pennwriters Conference this past weekend in Lancaster. I taught a workshop on developing articles from your book, critiqued a nonfiction critique group and attended some interesting workshops. I came back with a list of things I want to do to add to my already huge pile of stuff to do.

One of the things I heard repeatedly was that every writer needs a blog and web site. I shied away from this idea because I had a blog for about a year that I updated daily with book, TV and movie reviews. It was a lot of work and I was getting somewhat tired of it. Even though I was getting paid for a client to do it, I burned out on it.

So why would I want to start another blog? Well, this one may not pay, but it will help anyone interested get to know more about the writing life, interesting books and even me (though I don’t imagine that’s a big crowd).

I’ll also be starting a sister blog to this one sometime down the road that is about a subject I’m really interested in, but first, I’ll see how this works out.

So, that said, check back occassionally and see what’s up. I plan on upating Whisper in the Wind at least weekly, hopefully more.